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Updated: Nov 1

If you’re looking to launch a small business, or are in the middle of doing so, having an online presence is extremely important. Online is where people go to connect with their favourite brands and discover new ones. If you are looking to start marketing online, here some tips on how to get started.

1. Branding

It all starts with proper branding.

Before you even launch your business, you need to make sure that you have a strong brand identity and a way to keep it consistent across all platforms. Branding is what makes a memorable impression on potential clients, and allows them to know what to expect from your company. Your brand is also what distinguishes you from your competitors.

2. Networking

In a way, this is a form of marketing. It is a little less mainstream because it isn’t exactly traditional, but networking is a great way to get clients. Join facebook groups that have people who could potentially use your services, and don’t be afraid to join in discussions. Meet new people and build relationships. In today’s world of business it’s about who you know. The people who you connect with will begin to learn more about your company and your skills and may eventually become your clients.

This is no quick and easy business growth hack. This requires you to invest time into your company and work hard. If you’re passionate about growing your business, you need to be willing to invest your time and build connections with people around you.

3. Post Relevant and Meaningful Content

When it comes to social media, you may have heard the phrase “keep it short and sweet.” Let me let you in on a little secret. Instagram has an algorithm. That algorithm is what determines when, where and how often your posts show up. This algorithm loves posts that keep viewers on the app longer, so that means your content has to have worth. For instance, when I post on social media, I write 2 to three paragraphs that give useful information to my users. I know the audience I’m looking for wants to know how to grow their business, so I’ll give them a summary of a blog I recently wrote that week. When you post content that keeps viewers hooked and coming back, Instagram will make sure that your post is shown to more people more frequently. How’s that for using the algorithm to your advantage?

4. Always Use Hashtags

Hashtags are how people find you on social media. When using hashtags, make sure to use ones that are popular so that your post has a greater chance of being seen. Keep in mind that all hashtags need to be relevant to your post as well as your brand. Even if you think a specific hashtag will bring more people to your post, if it isn’t relevant, there isn’t really a point in using it. People who follow that hashtag are looking for posts that are actually relevant, if they see your post and it has nothing to do with what they’re looking for, they will be quick to move on.

5. It’s Not About Likes or Follows.

Often I will hear people talk about how many followers and likes they have, but that doesn’t usually define success for people offering services. Think about it this way, you could have 50K followers who simply enjoy looking through your feed but don’t actually need your services. For example, if I have 50K followers who are all graphic designers and are following me for inspiration, that doesn’t do me any good.

So what should your goals be on social media?

Quality over quantity should be your goal. Instead of looking for a thousand followers, attract the right followers and post content that entices them to participate. This means that you may only get 500 followers, but you will have a greater chance to convert them. Build connections and allow them to ask questions about your services. Post polls and questions and any helpful content for people who could be thinking about using your services.

At the end of the day, using these tips are helpful when coming up with a marketing plan. However, every business is different, so there is no one way to do it when it comes to marketing. The key is to remember that it’s not about getting your business in front of as many people as you can, it’s about getting it in front of the right people.

If you would like to discuss how JO Creative can help you grow your business, I’m always a phone call and email away. I offer free consultations, so if there’s something you would like to discuss over the phone, there is no cost involved.


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